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Auto Tinting film is SUNTEK CARBON: 


•80% ---- Clear Delaware Legal, Recommended By Cancer Association. Best to reject heat and UV

•45% ----this is our lightest film that has a black Carbon dye, you’ll see through the vehicle

•35% ----this is a light Film. you would be able to see into the vehicle but still provides privacy

•18% ---- we normally compare this to the back of SUVs and Minivans, you will be able to see shapes and shadows within the car.

•5% ----  our darkest film normally compared to the back of limousines. You would not be able to see into the car.



However, depending upon the model and color of your car, the tint may appear a tiny bit darker or lighter than other vehicles.


Please note that we ask our customer to keep the windows up for 24 hours after application. It will appear bubbly and streaky; this will all go away over the next 2 days. 


We do schedule for appointments and we can get busy in the summer months. So please call us to make an appointment and we will surely get you in as soon as we can!


*** Please check out our residential and commercial work in the Commerical and residential tab . To learn new things that tint can help improve in your home or office !



Commercial & Residential Window Tinting


For our commerical and Residential  jobs we  use Solar Gard Window Films. To get an estimate you can give us a call, let us know approx. measurements and we can give you an estimate. If you would rather us come out and come up with an estimate we surely can do that as well!

Solar film on any home or business is always going to be benefital.  Solar Gard Window Films can dramatically improve your building in four
specific ways:


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