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Thank you for your interest in Cindy's Glass Tinting !

Here at Cindy's we want to  provide you with the proper information necessary to make the right decision, on what products and services you need in order to achieve your goal with tinting products and installation. We are proud to offer the guaranteed competitive pricing, along with quality installation and professional services at all levels. Our goal is to provide the best quality film available in the market place. Our commitment to attaining this goal is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy on our product.


In other words this means if there is ever a problem with the film quality under the warranty terms, we will replace the film for no charge. This covers the chance of the tint peeling, bubbling, streaking, or losing color.

Why go with auto tinting? Well, here are a few reasons;

Furnishing & Upholstery Preservation

Reduced Hot Spots & Glare

Improved Comfort

Balanced Climate

Reduced Energy Demands

Extended HVAC Life

Increased Privacy

Aesthetic Enhancement



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